"Fünf, zwei, eins, vier"

Translation:Five, two, one, four

November 2, 2017

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I like that they arent in order, actually helps to learn the numbers...

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Amazing, that's the combination of my luggage!


Maybe Duo is spying on you.


Good time to change the combo then ;)


Acht sechs seben funf drei o neun


Well! The right number of syllables in both English and German! You could sing the song (or call the number) in either language. I just Googled the German alphabet, and the letter "O" is pronounced the same as in English. I assume it is common in German to substitute "O" for zero when speaking colloquially? Nicht wahr?


I assume it is common in German to substitute "O" for zero when speaking colloquially?

Not at all, in my experience.

Unlike in English.

Perhaps because "zero" has two syllables in English but null already only has one syllable in German, so there's no need to shorten it further.


It's not hearing me properly and failed me on this easy question.


Will they accept numeric digits? As in 1 2 3 4...etc. Trying to work on my Herman Skills not English spellings...


Will they accept numeric digits?

As a general rule:

  • in your target language (the language you're learning; here: German), numbers are not accepted in digits (perhaps because there's no way to check that you know how "23" is pronounced)
  • in the source language (the language the course is using to teach the target language; here: English), numbers are accepted in digits
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