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  5. "하지만 저 사람은 남자가 아닙니다."

"하지만 사람은 남자가 아닙니다."

Translation:But that person over there is not a man.

November 2, 2017



Why is "However" not an acceptable translation?


because a computer checks the answers and he accepts only the answer he was programmed for.


I entered "However". Shouldn't this also be accepted instead of "But"?


Should it not be 남자를 as that is what the man is not? 가 makes me feel like that's the subject. Would in any case 를 be accepted as a particle in this case?


from what i remember, you use the subject particle 이/가 before 아니다, 없다, and 있다. don't know if there's any explanation behind it but that's what i always go with


Sorry, i meant "what the person is not"


I entered "But that person is not the man." Should this not also be accepted?


No, in this case, the sentence is specifically saying that the person is not of the male gender. If you were to say "the man" then that would just make it about the person not being some particular male that you had previously talked about (meaning that they could still be a guy). If you did want to make that type of sentence, then it would be better said as 하지만 저 사람은 그 남자가 아닙니다.


I entered the same thing and was marked wrong. 남자가 can mean either "a man" or "the man" depending on context. Without context, I think "the man" should be accepted and have reported it.

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In the real world? Definitely. But Duolingo is being a bit anal about differentiating between 그 and 저 for the sake of learning, even if it doesn't always make for natural-sounding translations.


저 is always that, but 그 can be both "that" and "the"


But that person is not a man


but that person does not the man where is the over there?


"저 XX" means "that XX over there" 그 for near object 저 for far object


That person (over there) is not (a/the) man


Scary that man is not a man it means who is the man

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