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  5. "Sie isst nichts."


"Sie isst nichts."

March 14, 2013



She does not eat at all ?


Maybe we're sitting in a cafe and she's only having a coffee. It is not a permanent state of non-eating.

I would translate it as, "She's not eating anything."


Why is there an S on the end of nichts


"Nichts" stands where we might say "not anything, nothing", whereas the sentence "Sie isst nicht." would imply that she does not eat (like, ever...it's not something she does).

In another example, say I am at a party and not thirsty. Someone may ask what I want and I'd say "Ich trinke nichts, danke" (Nothing for me, thanks). However, if I don't drink alcohol and someone offers me a beer, I might say, "Ich trinke nicht." (I do not drink).

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