"A drawing that cannot be drawn"

Translation:그릴 수 없는 그림

November 2, 2017

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I answered "그릴 줄 없는 그림" and was counted wrong. What is the difference in these contexts between "수" and "줄". Neither one seems to have a literal meaning that helps clear it up. "수" means "number"? "줄" means, like, "roll or spool" or something like that?

Is this some poorly-explained idiom, or just a homonym situation?


By adding ~ㄹ/을 수 있다 to the end of a clause/sentence, you can create the meaning of “one can….”. https://www.howtostudykorean.com/unit-2-lower-intermediate-korean-grammar/unit-2-lessons-42-50/lesson-45/


I don't know about 줄 (I'm guessing it still means 'to give'), but 수 can also mean 'a way or method of doing something'. So -(으)ㄹ 수 있다 literally means 'there is a way to do something', therefore you CAN do it.


In Level 4, you are not providing the education section with the light bulb symbol and my trial and error learning is really ticking me off. I am pushing words around without understanding why. You probably have a reason for not including information, but I miss it.

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    Why is this not "a drawing that cannot draw"? (I know it means nothing but well...)


    How about 못 그리는 그림 ?

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