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Is the Progress Quiz gone forever?

I found the Progress Quiz a useful way of gauging my current language skills. I took a while off Duolingo and am back again. I wanted to take the quiz to see much much my French had regressed, but it seems to be gone, along with any way to view my previous scores. :(

November 2, 2017



I really hope it hasn't. I found it quite motivating to try and achieve a perfect five/five score. Hopefully they will add it back at some point, or add something new which is similar.


There's a way to get it back (Note: Before doing this, make sure you have 25 or more lingots):

1: Go to the discussions

2: Press F12 to get to the console

3: Type the following code into the console:


4: Press enter

5: It will reply


6: go to the lingot store (by pressing the button on the top right, not by pressing the lingot)

7: Buy the progress quiz

8: Test your progress!


Not sure what button you're referring to but this does not work for me.


thanks for this workaround! not sure why it was removed in the first place though


what button on top right? I can only get to the store clicking on the lingot number :( EDIT: I get it now, in some weird way, thanks!


I regret taking it XD


How can I make this work on a mac? Thanks!


It doesn't seem to work on a PC anymore now, lol. It seems to have worked 4 months ago, but now I can" buy " the quiz, and nothing appears! The 25 lingots just disappear. And then it doesn't even appear in the store anymore after I bought it once, it disappeared entirely. So you're not missing anything. If anyone finds it, let everyone know though! Thank you. :/


....but i can not get on the console by pressing f12...what should i do? Thank you in advance!


That would be great! I can't get it to work. What and where is the "button on the top right," and what does it look like? Thank you so much for your help.


Hi! after you put the script in the console, you press on Home, then you go to the shop and you should be able to find it (I did)!... My problem is that, after buying it and saying that I want to start it, the test does not begin and I have only 25 lingots less!...If you manage to do it, let us know (:!


I could have sworn there was a JavaScript line of code that could have been used for getting it back. I can't find it anywhere though.


Woof posted it. Have fun! Thanks Woof!


Well once you start and have your profile set up you can't take the quiz again.


You used to be able to take it multiple times, and chart your progress over time. And yes, it has been eliminated.

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