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  5. "Wait! I forgot an umbrella."

"Wait! I forgot an umbrella."

Translation:Чекай! Я забула парасолю.

November 2, 2017



Can I use Чекайте and Чекай interchangeably?

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Not quite.

You use "Чекай" addressing a single person in a friendly manner (you'd use ти when speaking to him or her). For example: Чекай, Томе, ти куди? Wait, Tom, where are you going? (Tom is your friend)

You use "Чекайте" addressing a single person in a formal manner (you'd use ви when speaking to him or her), or when addressing a few people. For example: Чекайте, пане професоре! Wait, professor! (lit. Mr Professor) (you're talking to a professor), or: Чекайте, хлопці! (Wait, guys) - addressing a few people.

Since you're German:

Чекай! = Warte!

Чекайте = Warten Sie! or Wartet!

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