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"Το παιδί έχει πολλή ενέργεια."

Translation:The child has a lot of energy.

November 2, 2017



Is « πολλή» the feminine form of «πολύς (πολλή πολύ) meaning a lot of? As it has the three genders, I suppose it is an adjective. And « πολύ» here is wrong because it is an adverb?

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Exactly. In nominative, it's πολύς (m), πολλή (f) and πολύ (n). When it appears as an adverb, it's πολύ.

In this sentence, energy is being described, not a verb, so we use πολλή, given that ενέργεια is feminine.


My idiomatic translation, "the kid's got a lot of energy," was rejected outright. Possible to include it?

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