"Riña taobā Dovaogēdī majaqis."

Translation:The girl and the boy admire the Unsullied.

November 2, 2017

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I wrote, "The girl and boy admire the Unsullied." and it was marked wrong. There needed to be an "a" after and, and before boy. In English it is sometimes inferred. I do not think that the "a" is as important for this since both the boy and girl were singular and so it can be assumed so without having the article "a" to state such. In addition, the meaning above this section uses "the" instead of my marked wrong answer of "a". Just some clarification would be nice.


They cannot prepare for every sentence so quickly. This course is pretty young and all courses can be improved.

When you English is marked wrong correct, report it so that they can set it as allowed.

There are so many variations that must be added to cover all allowed English. Simple examples "A boy and girl" "a boy and a girl. "The boy and girl" "The boy and a girl" "The boy and the girl" "A boy and the girl" etc


Also, as further info, see David Peterson's video here for how he devises his lessons and how correction requests are handled in this High Valyrian course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0iDhn_XqEQ


I wrote, "the girl and boy admire the unsullied" as well. The "a" isn't really necessary, without it, the sentence flows better.

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