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  5. "학교가 높습니다."

"학교가 높습니다."

Translation:The school is tall.

November 2, 2017



So it is... A high school?


Does anyone know why in 높습니다 the syllable "높" is pronounce more like a "dop" instead of "nop"?


I guess the /n/ sound in Korean is more sort of dental rather than palatal (as it is in English) So you should kind of pronounce ㄴ using your tweeth somehow (that's why most of the times ot resembles more a d rather than a n) Korean Unnie always say that each sound is unique in Korean and should be studied as such rather than comparing it to a sound of another language (at least this has helped me broaden my Korean listening skills (:)


is pronounced more abruptly in Korean than English, which is why it can sound like a d sound. If you say the word "nope" slowly in English you'll notice that in English we always hum a bit before actually opening our mouths to make the n sound. This is not what sounds like at the beginning of a word in Korean. Rather, it sounds like halfway between a n and d.

P.S. The fact that we tend to voice (hum) before saying a consonant in English is also why at the beginning of a word ㅁ, ㄷ, ㅂ, ㄱ, and ㅈ may sometimes sound like b, t, p, k, and ch respectively to a native English speaker. They're all pronounced abruptly sounds like halfway between m and b, sounds like halfway between j and ch, and ㄷ, ㅂ, ㄱ actually sound like the t in stop, the p in spot, and the k in ski.


The school is tall?

Does this describe the school as a high-rise building?


높다 means high, but I don't think the English "high" and the Korean one have the same rule. We would probably just say "big" in English, even if it is tall. It could be strange because no school in America (that I know of) is taller than 2 floors, yet the schools in Korea can easily be 5 or 6 floors normally.


There's schools in my city where it's 4-6 floors, so it is not just in Korea. It is more rare in America.


Yeah, but I did go to a highschool at one point (when they opened it) that is 3 floors and designed to be built upwards. My college has like eight floors in two of the buildings, but that's different


I would hope not


Sooo... 남자가 높습니다 would be 'the man is tall'?


No. To say a man is tall, it would be more like 남자가 키가 큽니다. The word 키 means height/stature, and the adjective 크다 is basically "to be big".


*남자는 I believe so it reads "as for the man, the height is big"


In "남자는", the 는 would make it the topic and likely be taken as a general statement about men.


high kasi hindi small skdkdjdj u'r confusing me


This is so confusing this word can mean both tall and High? cause i put tall and was corrected to high but the definition of it on here also includes tall


In the lesson to this section they say that it moreso means high, but in regards to buildings/structures it can mean high as well, as they don't really have a word for high in Korean like it is in English.


The school's building is tall would sound a lot better


This describe is not normal ,i think


Wayside School!


I write high and marked as wrong :c


They used the same word for hot as well


Hot is "덥다 (덥습니다)"


Many meaning of nopseubnida


why did doulingo accepted the 학교가 넓습니다 :<

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