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365-day streak...

When I was new here, I saw some members posting about 100, 222, 333 etc days long streaks... It was a little bit hard to believe that, someday I can reach 1-year streak too... Forget about Duolingo, or about Learning Languages for now... Doing the same thing (okay, if it is not "eating", "sleeping" (well, actually, I have less than 1 month long "sleeping" streak for now... It breaks very often.), "drinking", "messaging" etc, but something that you "force" yourself to do it more or less and you think it is good for yourself...) every day in a full year is something special I think. At least, for me, it is so. Because this happens first time with me... As I mentioned above (forget about Languages for now), it is another theme that, does Duo was helpful for being fluent in German or learning to speak basic conversations in Spanish, which was completely new Language for me. I learned here "not break the chain". It was not easy by the way... I was in different cities (with bad internet connections or where my sim card didn't work) in last 365 days, even one time in "connecting" Airport I almost implored for Wifi Password only for Duolingo... (Normally, I am shy or just don't like to ask Wifi Password in Cafes or such places if it is not important...)

Now, about languages... Duolingo is one of the best (okay, maybe first) language-learning platform... To learn one of the Duo Languages, you need just to know what you are doing here... :) I have many free and pro accounts in another language learning systems, but I don't use even some of the paid ones for months... (Maybe, they are not interesting as Duo, maybe, they are not enough to help me, or maybe just I have time only Duo :D)

And the best part of Duolingo.Com for me - "discussion" is an amazing place to ask questions about languages to natives or polyglots...

I don't know what to say else... I am happy being in Duo Family in this one year.

Thanks for reading. :)

November 2, 2017



Wonderful post.
I enjoyed reading it.

For the record, that Wi-fi bit made me laugh. Thanks.
I did not laugh at you, but at the situation, which I find really familiar.

Congratulations for your commitment!


Thanks))) Then I will tell you full story... It was in Turkey, Istanbul Atatürk International Airport... my flight was after 1 hour, and I was somewhere near the gate, I asked for a password in a shop which sold sweet things, drinks etc... But they said that I must buy something to have the password... Then I asked, what is the cheapest thing in your shop? They: "you should buy minimum 10$"... ... Then I looked at the names of "active WiFi's" and found a Hair Salon's name in that list... :D And went there... The man, who works there, asked me many questions, like where you are flying, when you are flying, how long will you use it etc... In the end, he took my phone and wrote password by himself. :D


Nice story. Thanks again.
I hope you reach the 1000.


Congratulations on reaching the one-year mark! Here is a link to the sign-up page for the DL Streak Hall of Fame: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13152151 :)


thanks!) I am already in that list))) P.S. 72 is my favorite number))


Thanks. ^_^

Good luck!


Yup, I can't ever get that long of a streak tho....:(


I thought exactly so when I saw such posts year ago ;)


Happy birthday on Duo! I totally agree with you. Duolingo is great and you can learn a lot if you want. I also appreciate the friendly way of comunication, to get advices from natives, reading and sometimes commenting on discussions and so on. I can say a bit proud that I have almost reached the 1-year-streak. Let's go on with Duo ... best regards wickie-hey


Thanks! Then I wait for your “birthday post” impatiently ;) Good luck!


Welcome to the club! I feel you should get some sort of special badge you can show off to people when you reach a milestone like 365, 500, 1000 days etc.

Congrats on the achievement!


Cool. So...how good are you in the language now? I.e., did it work?


Actually, I don't learn my "Main Duo Language" - German only in Duolingo... I try to learn it with other resources too when I have time... Duolingo helps me do not forget the German Language... (In my country people don't speak German... Or I don't use it in life...) A brief answer is, yes, it helps enough for me. And Spanish. I learn Spanish (not as often as German) only in Duolingo. And I am sure that, Duo helps me to learn Spanish.


Duo says I lost my 885-day streak... but I haven't actually missed a day in the past week. I also lost the 5-lingot wager (not that I care about that) and the streak freeze I know I had.

I'm reporting the bug to Duo >.>

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