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Offline lessons

Hi everyone, I am having trouble with my offline lessons. In the past few days I have noticed that, when I finish a circle offline, I loose my progress as soon as I go back online. Why is that? Then when I am back offline it gets stuck. The app won't let me start a new circle (even if its downloaded), but when I press on the incomplete one, it turns gold until I press the arrow to go back to the tree. Now it takes me longer to move forward because I have to redo some of the lessons. Any ideas?

Btw, I only log in from my iPhone and I'm a plus member.

November 2, 2017



Sync'ing progress (when back online) has been a problem for a while now.

If I had been working offline...

I had a rule not to visit tabs that had the Duolingo web site open on them until I had sync'd.

And to make sure I had sync'd, I would go into Clubs (when online again) and wait for Clubs to update itself.

Only then would I visit the web site to see if my work was recorded.

Now... perhaps I had developed a pigeon superstition, but it certainly felt more reliable.

For a few weeks now, I can no longer use Clubs, and I have begun losing offline work again (30 XP just yesterday)

[iPad user]

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