"Tuttavia non voglio gli uomini più alti."

Translation:Nonetheless I do not want the tallest men.

March 14, 2013

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The literal translation of "tuttavia" is "anyway", even if "still" and "nonetheless" are apparently preferred.

"Anyway I do not want taller men" seems to work pretty well as a translation, even if it is not acceptable here, which is a shame.


Please report it if you see the sentence again, there is a field for it next to the comment one! :)

Duo database grows and improves with our feedback, as far as I have understood.


I decided not to report it as an error, because I could not find "anyway" as a translation of "tuttavia" in any dictionary. So, strictly speaking, I don't think it is an error. It is just that it is a useful expedient to remember the literal translation and use that instead of a more widely-applicable translation. Thanks for the feedback :-)


however i don't want the very tall men / this could be acceptable


Is Tuttavia non voglio uomini più alti correct for I don't want taller men?, as taller than an aforementioned height.
And Tuttavia non voglio gli uomini più alti for I don't want the tallest men?

For instance, in Spanish if I'd like to say the first one, it would be: No quiero hombres más altos and the latter: No quiero los hombres más altos

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