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Can anyone recommend some good free language learning websites/apps?

Hi! It's woof! I'm looking for another good app/website for language learning. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks! It can just be an app for only one of the languages I'm learning, not for a bunch of languages. I'd also prefer it if it's free.

(I already have Memrise, LingoDeer, Japanesepod101, and busuu, so please don't recommend any of those. Thanks!)


November 2, 2017



lyricstraining.com it has music videos in your taget language and you have to fill in the missing text by listening!!

Glossika is a good sentence based repetition resource that really helped me.



Here's some goodies. It's mostly textbooks and stuff but still a nice source.

As for your request for websites, try Transparent Language. It's like a polished Duolingo site that has many other languages. It's subscription based though, unless your library offers it (and my libraries don't! :[ )

I also would try uTalk. It's an expanded phrasebook for 130+ languages. It's also subscription-based, though you can still use it for free and unlock subjects through achievements and Coins.


Also, in my experience, uTalk probably has some of the best customer service I've ever seen in a company. Their Legal section is also extremely readable, since they don't like legal jargon either, unlike many many other sites.


I recently used a site called Clozemaster (credit goes to Ontalor's comment here). It allows users to learn from context, and includes many languages .


Whoa, there's Kazakh! I gotta try this.


Can you learn more than one language on it?


Yes. I’m already doing Japanese and Finnish there


Awesome! Thanks!


I like the browser extension, ReadLang. It's really good for expanding beyond Duolingo and reading website articles or .epub books. Unlike google translate, it doesn't translate an entire page into your base language. Instead, while you're reading in your target language, you can click between 1 and 8 words and it will translate just those words. The more words you highlight, the more accurate the translation for the more difficult things. ReadLang was so awesome in fact, that Duolingo ended up hiring it's creator, Steve, last year. If you like to read fanfiction and are ever on Fanfiction.net, it works there. It also works with the various langauge versions of BBC News. Basically it works for a lot of places you might want to go to practice reading in your target language. ReadLang has a free and a paid version. I mostly used the paid version because I was using it a lot and the paid version was very inexpensive compared to what I was expecting. (I can't recall what it is now because I took a break from learning for a year and unsubscribed. But, I think it was $5 every 3 months or something.)

For American Sign Language, I recommend checking out SignSchool. It's free right now and is in beta. I love it. I started at the very beginning lesson and it is interactive, fun, and accurate as far as I've observed. (Also, I showed it to my signing friend who recognized two of the people who are helping create the website from an ASL school they went to.)


Are you intersesing in chineese? If you're interesing in one , I'd recomended you app '' hello chineese ''


Quizlet , for example.


The Coffee Break language podcasts are excellent. They are a paid service for a few add on extras, but the basic podcasts are fantastic and totally free. I use a few other resources, such as Rocket Languages, but those are paid services.


I agree with you about Coffee Break French. I listen to the basic podcast and find it helps me attune my ear to the language


I have an awesome one you can do but it requires a payment, mango languages, it is my favorite I find it very helpful and easy.


Mango Languages is free if your library offers it. Mine does! ( ̄▽ ̄)


And mine doesn’t. :(


I'm sorry for your loss :'(


Clozemaster and Language Transfer.


HiNative is nice if you have questions about the language you're learning and I love hello talk, its not for language learning per see, but for practicing languages you know ^^


Memrise is a particularly good free one, and Yabla is pretty good but you must pay for a subscription.


Both www.lingvist.com and www.mondlylanguages.com are pretty good - and they are both free. :)


Mondly is a subscription service. You get your first 8 lessons free, though, and they're pretty nice.


I had used their language bot to practice German, I had never gotten into the lessons. Thanks for the info. :)


I just started Lingvist’s Estonian and German courses per your recommendation and I’m loving it. I have wanted to learn Estonian for so long!


There's an app too.


How much does it cost?


it's for free =)

I can access all the content and download the mp3 files without costs. I use this one to learn english and swedish.


It also has Adyghe! ❤️


Yes, and for me it sounds a bit difficult =/


The one that I recommend is go.babbel.com. It has been visited by 100k+ users. Hope this helps! Bye! ~Kaylee Marie Or use Quizlet.com and/or Brainly.com usually helps!


If you are learning French, here is a website by the government of Quebec:


Click on "learning French online" on the left hand side.


has the link to the database of French exercises. It says it has 925 exercises.


How much does it cost?


there are a whole lot. when you look for them, you get a lot of options.

Here is a link full of resources. http://languagesenrose.tumblr.com/Language%20Learning%20Websites


There is a new thread "Mango Languages: FREE through 30 June 2020" for several/all languages: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38624978

As a German I finally got Mango working here with the signup in Europe [with full Portuguese (Brazil) access]: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38624978?comment_id=38627613


I think with 3,5 years ahead in my Portuguese (BR) learning I can greatly benefit from Mango with all the reading and listening exercises (they test you on the comprehension with several multiple-choice questions), seeing dialogues as well as having to speak (repeat) phrases.

They have a speech pronunciation analyzer where you can see the waves for each word (full sentence) and you can also compare the recorded audio of your own voice to the speaker audio.

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