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  5. "Ela gosta de vocé"...what?


"Ela gosta de vocé"...what?

What's the purpose of the 'de' in that sentence? I noticed it's always paired with the conjugations of 'gostar' but I can't understand why.

March 14, 2013



Try to think this way "I am fond of you" would be "Eu gosto de você" - there's the same structure in both of them and the meaning hasn't changed too much. By the way, has anyone tried typing "I'm fond of you" when asked to translate "eu gosto de você"? Would be interesting to know if Duolingo accepts it as an alternative to "I like you"!


the verb "gostar" always requires the preposition DE, not the same for AMAR (love). Example: Eu gosto de chocolate / eu amo chocolate. it would be interesting for you to check this page out:http://duolingo.com/#/comment/73327. very helpful :)

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