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Hello! I'm a HV learner and with my boyfriend we love 'I want my hat back' a children's book by Jon Klassen. I wanted to make him the gift of the book translated to Valyrian as he knows I'm learning it. Just want to know you opinion in my translation of the sentences

I want my hat back - Ñuhon geltītsos amāzigon jaelagan

Translator Note (NT) = there is no word for hat so I used helmet and made it small (gelte - geltītsos)

Have you seen my hat? - Ñuhon geltītsos undertā?

No. I haven't seen your hat - Daor. āoha geltītsos ūndetan daor.

Ok. Thank you anyway - Kony sȳt issa. Kirmvose skoridoso

NT= not sure if skoridoso applies here

No. I haven't seen any hats around here - Daor. Mirri geltītssas kesir ūndetan daor

No. Why are you asking me. I haven't seen it. I haven't seen any hats anywhere. Don't ask me any more questions - Daor. Skoro syt ynot pendō. Nyke ūī ūndetan daor. Nyke mirri geltītssas mirriot ūndetan daor. Ynot tolī pendā daor

NT = Okay this was hard bc there is no word for question in Valyrian, so for the verb I used pendagon (to wonder) and the last sentence I used like 'No more asking me'. The first sentence I used the subjunctive mode

I haven't seen anything all day. I have been trying to climb this rock - Mirros gierē tubī ūndetan daor. Hepton keso dōrot sylun

Would you like me to lift you on top of it? - Aōt indigin bē ūō raqō?

Yes, please - Issa, kostilus

I saw a hat once. It was blue and round - geltītsos meriot undeten. ūja kasta (se) grevenka istas.

NT= I used pluscuanperfect tense bc is a past paster then the past of the question. Other doubt when saying multiple adj you have to put ans (se) or not?

My hat doesn't look like that - Ñuhon geltītsos hae kona ūndetas daor

What is a hat? - Skoroso geltītsos issa?

What is the matter? - Skoroso ñaharrenkoves issa?

NT= Have so many doubts with this one. So there is no word for matter, so I wanted to used wrong 'What is wrong?'. But I couldn't find a word for wrong either. So I did sth which is probably wrong I grabbed the adj harrenka which is right, made it a noun harrenkoves and then added ña- as to make the negative ñaharrenkoves

I have lost my hat. And nobody has seen it - Ñuhon geltītsos ojughan se daorys ūī ūndetas

What does your hat look like? - Skorkydoso aōhon geltītsos hae ūndetas?

NT= I used how instead of what does

It is read and pointy - mele, qana issa

I have seen my hat! - Ñuhon geltītsos ūndetan

You. You stole my hat - Ao. Ao ñuhon geltītsos laodī!

I love my hat - Ñuhon geltītsos raqan

Excuse me. Have you seen a rabbit wearing a hat? - Rytsas! geltītsoso jamīsos huntot ūndetas

No. Why are you asking me. I have't seen him. I haven't seen any rabbits anywhere. I would not eat a rabbit. Don't ask me any more questions - Daor. Skoro syt ynot pendō. Nyke ziry ūndetan daor. Nyke mirre huntī mirriot ūndetan daor. Honī ipradan daor. Ynot tolī pendā daor

NT= I was thinking to make I would not eat a rabbit in aorist, like if it was an universal truth, but idk just an idea

November 2, 2017

1 Comment

I honestly think that this an amazing because of the time that you took. In all honesty you did well at translating this to Valyrian

November 3, 2017
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