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Disappointed with Duolingo Pro


I've been using Duo intermittently for more than a year now.

More than a week ago, I bought a 6-month subscription because I just got a new job and I wanted to use Duolingo during my two daily hours of commute. I was very interested by the offline mode since I travel underground.

Unfortunately, I just discovered that despite the fact that I downloaded a bunch of lessons, I was unable to use the training mode in any of them ! This is unfortunate because I have already unblocked a lot of lessons and I just want to focus on training and getting my tree golden right now. Plus, I can't decently spend two hours a day on new lessons without training.

I'm very disappointed and I think that Duolingo advertisements are not really accurate ("any lesson offline" - well, that's factually true, but training IS the main part of the lessons to my eyes and I think it should be clearly stated that you won't have access to it if you pay).

Would it be possible to have a refund ?

November 2, 2017



The Strenghen feature does not work in Duolingo Plus Off-line.


Generally, all charges for in app purchases are nonrefundable, and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. If requested within 48-hours of the transaction date, you may be able to get a refund depending on the details of the purchase.
Source: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004068143-How-do-I-request-a-refund-

How do I cancel my Duolingo Plus subscription?


Thank you for your answer. I submitted a refund request but I don't have a lot of hope.


You are not the first to complain about this, FYI


I know. I hope if enough people complain about this problem, Duolingo will at least change the way "Duolingo Plus" is described. It's currently misleading.


I subscribed for Duolingo Plus too, and was also disappointed that the offline lesson mechanism was broken. Ah well, I'm still happy to contribute some cash towards this good cause, going towards the salaries of the staff that will fix these sort of issues.

Still, sometimes I wonder if Duolingo could benefit from a more open-source'ish model, since I'm sure there are many users who are coders, some of whom might be willing to contribute some of their free time towards fixing a bug or two. The extra man-power might make some of these problems go away just a little bit faster.

Well, maybe that's a little idealistic of me, as I'm sure the open-source path would provide its own set of unique headaches too. Ah well, just a little pipe-dream then... :)


I'm happy to contribute too, Duo is great and helped me a lot, but if I knew I was going to make a donation, I would have given a smaller amount of money: I earn small wages for now and I considered my purchase as an investment, expensive for me but necessary. Well, at least, I don't have ads anymore.

And as a coder myself, I agree with the open-source part. I'm sure the technical problems related to offline strenghtening are not so hard to solve. It's frustrating not to be able to help.


What do you mean by training?

You should be able to repeat completed lessons and do new lessons. Have you tried?


I mean Strengthen ("weak words", or the little dumbbell icon). I am able to do new lessons but that's a fonctionality I rarely use. I am indeed focused on strenghtening : I already did a lot of lessons and I just try to keep up with the golden tree. The strenghten mode is the only one I really use and if I had known it was not avaliable offline, I would not have payed for Duolingo Plus. I feel a bit scammed.


I have cancelled my duolingo plus and deactivated my account...after 288 days. I have found so many inconsistencies that I can’t trust it... and become to frustrated!


I want to Cancel my Duolingo Plus and cannot find any way to do this! HELP !!! The site promised I could cancel in 7 days. We are now past that because I can't find any way to do so.


I bet my mom wanted a refund on me when I was born.

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