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Should I Come Back to Duolingo After Learning the Alphabet?

I recently tried the Korean course on Duolingo, but I found that it doesn't teach the vowels and consonants, just words. After some research, I found that this course is better after you learn to read the alphabet. So after I finish that, should I come back to duolingo, or continue learning elswhere?

November 2, 2017



I think the best thing to do is learn the alphabet elsewhere first (I used a Memrise course, and thought that was enough), and then come back to Duolingo to start learning vocab and grammar, but make sure you use other resources as well. Duolingo alone is never enough for you to learn a language, so look for other websites or maybe invest in a textbook.

I recommend the "Korean from Zero" series, which are available online for free or can be ordered in print on Amazon. There are 3 books in the series so far and they offer a good foundation in the language, and I think Duolingo would supplement them nicely.


Yes. Learning how to read Korean would be absolutely essential to getting anything out of DuoLingo. Also, make sure you're set up to be able to type in Korean as well. The "choose the words" way is not anywhere near as valuable as typing in the answers yourself.

I recommend learning how to read at a site like this: http://letslearnhangul.com/ Makes it really easy to learn and you'll be reading Hangul in no time.


Try using https://www.howtostudykorean.com/unit0/ it's very easy and simple to follow!


it is better to learn the alphabet first.

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I love the site that Ilithios suggested to learn the Alphabet. I wish I had discovered that website while I was learning my alphabet. Duolingo Korean is perfect for daily practice on vocabulary and basic grammar. It's so handy and I love it.

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