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Lost streak - although I had "Streak freeze": How could it be lost?


Today I've realized that my streak has been lost.

Duo Lingo was always the part of my daily routin and the improving streak was a motivator.

Unfortunately I've lost my streak, although I had "streak freeze".

Is there any option to get it back?

Thanks for all the info, suggestion and potential help,


November 2, 2017



Hi Nora.

Are you absolutely certain you had a streak freeze? 99% of people who say they lost their streak even though they had a streak freeze actually didn't have one! Or are you one of the 1%?


Hi Woof,

Thanks a lot for your input.

I bought it, so it was available in the system. Today I've bought it again to be sure that a "streak freeze" is always in my pocket.

Have a great day,



You also need to check it everyday to make sure it is still available.


psionpete gives good advice. You should check your streak freeze everyday (and perhaps refresh the page as extra measure bc I spotted my streak freeze in place just the other day after knowing I'd use it that same day and hadn't purchased another. So, I refreshed the page and then it showed that the streak freeze was available for purchase again.)

Anyhow, I created the discussion Checked your Streak Freeze today? to demonstrate various ways that we can use our streak freezes without realizing it.

I also lost a very long streak (994 days) and it was very demotivating for me. So, about a year later when I was ready to start studying again, I created this post that you might like to read called On starting again after losing a streak.

I hope these links are helpful to you in the future. :)


Hi Nora! I had one but it doesn't last long for me. I have no clue why but I bet it is because I wasn't doing for like a day. Apparently, if you miss a day you lose the streak. I was going to ask you the same question Woof did. But in my own words. How long have you been doing the streak freeze? I just started mine again because I lost it. Again! lol:) Hope you get the streak freeze back and get yourself back on schedule! Talk to you later! Bye ~Kaylee Marie


Hi Kaylee,

I am on the site since February and my streak was continuous. I've purchased the "streak freeze" as a safety backup.

The site is fun and the main motivator was the increasing streak.

Thanks a lot for your input, and all the best,



The same thing happened to me about two months ago. I lost a streak of about 75 days. They had made some sort of change - it's when they added the in-app purchase option - and everyone in my club room (except the admin) went to zero. I emailed the help ppl, but no response. "Oh, well," I said to myself.

Good luck on building yours up again!


Hi Mary Mary,

Thanks for your input.




Please, read this post of moderator Usagiboy7.
Checked on your Streak freeze today?


These "lost streak" posts give me goose bumps every time.


Hi Neutrino,

I am totally agree with you. Although I don't know what could be the best place or the most effective way to highlight this kind of issue.

Kind regards,



Sorry to hear about this Nora.

Another sorry, but your streak is not eligible for repair anymore on the mobile app, e.g Android app lingot store:



It is either "days_ago:4" or your new registered XP / streak 1 which already set the repair to FALSE.
Or....the repair may not have been relevant to your user account (A/B test) from the beginning.


My own streak data looks like this:


"inventory":{"streak_freeze":"2017-11-03 06:47:42.407000",

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