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many languages at once? mais pourquoi?

quel est le but d'apprendre beaucoup de langues en même temps? Est-ce que c'est même efficace?

November 2, 2017



Je ne peux répondeur en français parce que ma capacité en la langue non est très bien. Mais, Je pense que ça depend de sa situación.

I think it is possible to learn multiple languages at the same time; people in Europe do this at a young age, and it is possible. Are there things to do to make it easier? Sure. Is it better to focus on one at a time? Depends.I f one wants to learn one very fast, it can make sense to do this. I think that a lot of it depends on the goal


I agree, in Poland we were learning (besides Polish) English and Russian in primary school and then English and Russian or French or German in high school. Although I must say, learning two slavic languages with different alphabets in primary schoold was hard at times. We were confusing letters and whole meanings (Polish 'p' is Russian 'r', b = w, g = d, c = s, etc.). On the other hand, in high school, while learning English and German at the same time, we were misspelling letter 'r' in words, that was funny. But yeah, it's doable and many of my friends mastered a couple of languages and passed certificates after high school.


having an open mind and liking for intelligence is important. it's great. learned so much from it.


Well, it depends on you definition of "many".

Two languages at once is totally doable, three might be a bit challenging but more than that is a waste of time unless you are some kind of super language learning freak.


You could also do one of the languages you're learning from another one you are learning, e.g if you're learning both Italian and Spanish, you could do Italian from Spanish, but not for courses like Japanese and Norwegian and Dutch and Greek, etc.


That is kind of an interesting idea. I have seen a post about DRC refugees, where the poster talked about doing a Duolingo course for english in English. I bet for someone who has some previous understanding of languages, it might be possible to know neither of the languages before doing a course. MAYBE. I feel like for me it would probably have to be german or another romance language.

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