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At what level do you know the whole tree?

Naturally, different people will need to earn different amounts of XP to feel that they're fully familiar with all the material in the German tree.

At what Duo Level did you feel that you'd finished the tree and had consolidated all the material, so you only needed to occasionally recap?

November 2, 2017



I am not feeling it yet, even though I have already reached level 25 in XP. I only advance as I'm feeling confident enough to be sure that I won't get confused with new words, so even though I already reached level 25, I am still 35 skills from finishing the tree. I believe patience is an essential part of it.

Gif: Me learning German.


Haha! Schnecke! I know that word!


I have just reached level 23 with 22,500 xp. I feel that I am 50% confident of the material. I guess that to be 95% confident I will have to at least double that. It is the little details that need the most work - such as: using correct conjugations and recognizing dative prepositions etc. (I am like a deer caught in the headlights when it comes to genitive). But I am enjoying the journey - and getting more able, despite myself.


I'm level 23, but I still feel like I'm completely familiar with 50% of the material. I'm probably somewhere around 75% familiar with the vocab, but sentence structure in certain tenses and nominative/accusative/dative is still something that I need a lot of work on. I feel probably like 20% sure with that.


I am 25 level with 455XP - I am 65% fluent - I can tell you PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE...I take my learning seriously.
Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache! Das ist stimmt! I am starting to read German newspapers - but it still a struggle. I also try to download German TV shows to watch. The more I read and watch - I am getting more comfortable with the language. Boy - do those Germans talk fast! I hope one day to converse in German without sounding like a three year old! I find the more I practice - it gets easier! Don't give up!


it's "Das stimmt!" instead of "Das ist stimmt!" ;) keep up the good work! :)


I think I finished the tree (as in having completed all the skills) at level 13-14 somewhere. I've been keeping it golden (almost) every day since then and feel that I know most of the material but still have trouble with things like future conditional, genitive and a couple of other things like that (where there is not that much of exercises). General structure, word order and words feel mostly done, even though I still make errors due to not knowing the gender of all words. Currently at level 18 and planning to keep keeping my tree golden until everything feels really familiar.


Wow! it's impressive you managed to do that at such a low Duolingo level. I'm guessing you were already pretty good at German before you started using Duo?


I finished german tree at level 14 as well, I just didn't repeat any lessons just go straight ahead and now I am repeating it

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