How come the languages like High Valyrian don't have sound. The lessons are silent.

November 3, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Some courses are just made that way.

    Okay. That is weird.Did you check your speaker and sound effect modes?

    Um... I'm probably going to have to agree with FelixUlvensen with this one. Sorry.

    Hey Joseph! Do you use an IPad or a computer? And what kind of computer do you use?

    Do you have your volume turned up?

    I have no sound whatsoever not even the little fanfare on my Irish course all of a sudden. Complete silence...

    Did you check your Duolingo settings to see if your volume was up?

    I read somewhere in another discussion that 'they' are still working on sound examples. I don't know whether there is actually any to be expected or not, though... But right now there just isn't any sound for Valyrian.

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