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Wie wichtig ist das Wort "dass" in Deutsch?

In English, it's becoming a trend with some people to omit the word "that" from sentences as in replacing "It's fortunate that you are here," with "it's fortunate you are here." Basically it's just seen as more efficient.

Could the same be done in German? does "Es ist glück, du bist hier," work? Or does it have to be "Es ist glück, dass du bist hier."?

November 3, 2017



No, you can't omit dass in German, nor relative pronouns ("the man whom I saw = the man I saw" but in German only der Mann, den ich gesehen habe and not der Mann ich gesehen habe).

Danish allows this (to my surprise) but German does not.


In German it sounds weird if you don't use "dass". And your sentence construction sounds wrong too. You should say "Es ist ein glück, dass du hier bist.". I hope I could help you a litte bit :)


First of all, you'd have to say 'Es ist ein Glück, dass du hier bist' oder 'Es ist schön, dass du hier bist' -- your construct does not exist in German. And secondly, no, you cannot omit dass. As explained below, German isn't big on omitting any version of pronouns.


There is a trend, omitting dass, but as a differece to (American?) English it's grammatically wrong if you don't start a new sentence. There are some other american language influences in the recent 2-5 years but they lead to bad German.

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