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Duo as stuffed animal

Why doesn't duoLingo market duo as a stuffed animal - with costume changes of course?

November 3, 2017



Duo has a plushie, but Duolingo only gives it out as a special gift. It can't be purchased. It took me a few years to get one. But, staff finally gave me one this summer. :D

(Duo's crewmates represent some of my friends among the other moderators that they (and some non-mod friends) have been sweet enough to send to me their representative plushies as gifts over the years.)


What more do I need to do to get one?


Aww, I saw another forum where you can get one as a Birthday Gift. I just started recently and I immediately fell in love with the Duo Plush. I have the time to do my Japanese/Spanish Lessons and Chinese Reviews due to Corona. I even sometimes overdo my lessons LMAO. I hoped that maybe someday if the staff noticed me trying hard on my lessons I might get one. But like I said I just recently started so- who knows?


Awe, it's super cute!


But I'm scared he'll kill the other Cuties in the Cupboard overnight :/


Although they don't seem to have a plushie yet (which they should totally add :D) they do have shirts and hoodies here Duolingo Gear.


I doubt that the meagre revenue to be gained from this would be worth the time spent organising it. I seem to remember a staff member saying somewhere once that the current gear actually loses Duolingo money (presumably it is there as it has advertising value—whereas a soft toy would just sit on a someone's shelf and not be publically seen).


How about designing your own pattern and making your own? When I was a little kid, my mother used to make stuffed toys. She would ask us what kind of animal we wanted.

[deactivated user]

    I would love to cuddle with a little Duo plushie. (≧◡≦)


    I wish I could give lingots to a deactivated user, like a trash can that gets to still have meaning after being deactivated... :(


    As a language nerd, a fan of owls and a collector of offbeat stuffed animals, this would be a dream for me. Sadly, I think that the other people posting about the financials of doing these things are probably right: the amount it would cost to do a run of plushies would be prohibitive, or they would have to sell it for an extremely high price.


    Oh my word that would be so cute!!! They should totally make that!! ❤


    I'd buy it if it was a thing.


    That is actually not a bad idea. Though it would be alought of work.......I am still for it though! LOL


    It would be awesome if they made a duo stuffed animal!


    that would be so cute!!


    They used to have one.


    I would love that, and I know I'm not the only one who =thinks the Duolingo owl is cute!


    I would sacrifice 17 goats for a duolingo plushie but no more than that.

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