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I know this won't be for everyone, but I think it would be really neat if Duolingo introduced an option where you could strengthen random skills over all of your current progress. I have a few courses under my belt now and I would love it if I could log in to Duolingo, click the "Random" button and be given an exercise in verbs for French. Click "Random" again after I finish that one and I'm asked to strengthen the culture skill in Japanese. Click again and now I'm working on political terms for Portuguese. I think it would be a great and fun way to keep up with courses we've already completed, especially if we can't make up our mind which language we'd like to work on. It would help keep us on our toes too, since we don't know what's coming next! We could choose which courses are included in the randomization and which are left out also. Does this appeal to anyone else or is it just me? :)

November 3, 2017



I don't think Duolingo would do this as it only benefits a few - most of their effort is directed at the masses. Perhaps they might add learning modes like this for Duolingo Plus, but I wouldn't count on it.

However, you could write a userscript.


Probably a good idea. It would definitely help you stay on top of learning a few languages. But once you're learning like 20, it's going to be a little difficult. Although it would be easily solved with some settings.


Many students on Duolingo have arranged a much more challenging approach for themselves:

  • by starting and "testing in" some "reverse trees"[1] and "laddering trees"[2]

  • by reading and writing in the discussion forums belonging to their target foreign languages.


[1] Reverse trees for English native speakers:
Learn English from a foreign language.
In those courses, you have to translate much more from English to the foreign language !
(switch the microphone and sound OFF in your "Settings")
For instance, the courses:

  • English for Portuguese speakers
  • English for German speakers

[2] Laddering trees:

Learn a foreign language from another foreign language.
For instance, the courses:

  • Portuguese for German speakers
  • German for Portuguese speakers


I wish that when strengthening it would grab sentences, grammar, and vocab from many different sections, rather than from one (or two). It makes it too easy once you know you're doing dative case or whatever.


This so much! It's bothering me ever since I signed up! At the moment it really can't be called a general strengthen. It just takes the first skill from the top that is not gold, but to use the language I need to quickly switch between different tenses and forms. With it always being so seperate it's kind of mechanical, because you know what to expect. I'd have the same effect if I just clicked on the skill to strengthen it.


Heathearther, tiramisues, exactly!


I would probably use this at least some of the time. Great idea!


Isn't that how the "Strengthen skills" button used to work (although only within a course)?

Anyway, you're right about it keeping us on our toes.

If I don't remember which Skill a sentence comes from, and can't even guess well because other sentences in the review session come from other Skills, then it's harder for me to guess which verb tense to use. ;)


.I am only doing one language right now but I do think it would be a good idea........ for some people but not all. It really matters on the person you ask.

Pros=It would keep you on your toes. It could be a fun activity. It could be an easier way to decide which language to learn (at the time) It could be a way to get people to learn more languages. Cons=There are people alought of people that only study one language and it would b pretty useless to them If there was a virus you could have no control over what language you want to choose (like the lingots problem). You might want to do the "random" button all the time and not want to do your actual lessons. People only want to learn one language but they feel left out so they learn another just to do the "random" button. I am sure there are more Pros but there are also more cons. Personally I think would be a good idea.....but for certain people.


Why wouldn't a "random" button still work even if the user only takes one course?

"Strengthen random skills over all of your current progress" doesn't rule out when "all of your current progress" is in the came course.


This actually sounds like a great idea! I think it would help a lot of people (who are maybe more indecisive, like me) study all the things they need to focus on specifically. IDK if there's a way to recommend things like this to the admin. and such, but I sure hope so, because I feel like this is a good thing to integrate.

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