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is it possible to have two trees of the same language?

After I finshied my tree in german I started a new one with another account, thus I can both do it all over again step by step and still can once in a while turn back to my old tree and practice all of it. So I wanders whether i can do it in the same account.

November 3, 2017



Not from the same base language, unless you reset the tree, which will delete all your progress. There's nothing to stop from sequentially repeating all the lessons of your completed tree, however; you simply need to remember where you have got to each day.


No, it is not possible. I have tried it. : )


You can have two germans tree in the same account if you change the mothertong. For exemple, on my account I started to have a German tree for English speakers, but I speak French so I "add a new course" of German for french speakers. I hope I replied to your question (and sorry for my English). Attention! if you use only one of the tree the evolution is not reported on the other tree.


Wow you've officially impressed me!

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