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duolingo falling apart -- getting worse

Duolingo seems to be falling apart-- maybe going out of business. Advertising for a LOT of new positions at the same time that I, and many others, have experienced reduction in service. No more daily emails. Lost progress. No Tiny Cards. Wish there was an actual snail mail address, since there appears to be no one responding to anything posted, and there is no direct Contact for queries.

November 3, 2017



Why on earth would a company going out of business be advertising for a lot of new positions? Companies tend to hire more staff when they grow. And what's wrong with tinycards? It's working for me.


They need to do something with the app for sure. The heart system is HIGHLY annoying.. 75 percent of the time when I get something wrong it's due to a misclick. Also, you can't check your levels on the app.. and overall I feel like the social connection that made this site cool is starting to fade. Please fix.


Having small typos annoys me too but its understandable why they penalize you when there's an automatic system. There's no way to tell who knows the word and did a typo of those who didn't.

I agree with the rest.


What I think makes the heart system even more annoying is the fact that it's when you're starting a new lesson. When you're starting a new lesson of course you're going going to make more mistakes than you would if you actually had already learnt the words.


Which posts have not been responded to? Probably not yours, because it appears you haven't posted any comment since mid-August.


Sitesurf, do you know, and if so, can you tell us if Duolingo is still working on a replacement for the activity stream? That's the part that I really, really miss. Hope all is well with you :)


Advertising for a LOT of new positions? Then that means that they are increasing and expanding their business. If they were going out of business, they wouldn't be hiring.

No more daily emails? I get at least 15 emails daily from duolingo each day. Are you sure yours are turned on?

No TinyCards? Explain this: https://tinycards.duolingo.com

Lost progress? You need to repeat lessons to keep them in your memory, but even so, repetition is totally optional.

No one responding to anything posted? My recent posts have gotten at least 15 comments.

Reduction in service? I've had no reduction in service WHATSOEVER. What on earth are you talking about?

No direct contact for queries? That's what the discussions are for, and if you mean you want a Staff reply, it is VERY likely that normal users know the answer to your question. Have a bug or a problem, need to report abuse, or a purchase problem, or anything else similar? https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I don't understand why you are saying this stuff. NONE of it is true.



What you say is true for me as well but as Ari_625 points out, the app rather than the program seems to have some problems.

I have been on Duo long enough to lose an 1100+ day streak during the process of moving to Europe so I have seen some changes but not the dramatic deterioration that some are posting about here. But then I didn't and never have used the app.


I totally agree. Something once said about not "looking a gift horse in the mouth". I think some people would complain that they have nothing to complain about.


True, but the app is really trash though


Duolingo has markedly deteriorated since I started it 18 months ago. My complaint is that I can no longer access the test which covered all the tree and lasted twenty minutes and it was marked from 0 to 5 . According to the official Duolingo position they have about 25mil students. In order to serve this number of students one needs money. I thing the dedicated students are willing to pay so that this wonderful method is sustained. I only wish they revert to the old high standard of 18 months ago and many of us will contribute. This 9. 99 USD I never really understood what is for. Clearly is not for the improvement of the lessons because I have paid already and nothing has changed. What a pity, this method has the potential to lead us to mastery of the language. The tree can simply keep becoming bigger and bigger, that's all. As I said, give us and we shall give.


The membership is to support the continuation to DuoLingo - probably because they have revenue issues. It says upfront what you get with membership, and DuoLingo wants the whole experience to be free for all. They don't want premium content for people who can afford to pay, since one of the main points of the service is to make language-learning accessible - you are supporting that goal by paying.


I see things on the website that need to be fixed and improved. Because I don't see attempts toward the fixes and improvements, nor see Duolingo reply to feedback, I have serious doubts that users' feedbacks are being read. Or, if they are, then it seems they are not taken seriously, including the reasonable ones. The website, including the forum, might not be falling apart, but it is in a state of neglect, in my opinion. I hope some of those job ads are for competent website designers and developers.


Sorry you feel this way. I love Duolingo and am grateful for it.


Wow you have a one year streak you must love duolingo


Why is this in the French forum


If duolingo is sick, he still has so many friends that he will be able to count on them to make him take his syrup and his cachets. But, I agree with you, for pity let him say where he hurts.

Even if it's serious we can hear everything.


❤❤❤❤ you ❤❤❤❤❤


Whoa language dude


I bought the double or nothing and it canceled the next day even though I continued my streak >:( It's more like "nothing or nothing"


Works for me but then I don't use the app if that is what you are what you are talking about. I have used the double or nothing feature for years and currently have 11000 lingots.


But otherwise Duolingo is a fine website

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