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The standard language for my account is wrong

The standard language of my account is Arabic. I do not speak, read nor understand Arabic. I have never indicated that the site should be in Arabic for me. Please do not refer me to "My account is not in a language I understand" because that does not work for me! What can I possibly do to set this right, preferably in English or Dutch? Any help is much appreciated!

9 months ago

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The language of the site changes automatically depending on what language do you learn and from what language. I don't know if you understand my words or not, but for example : I'm learning English, French from Arabic. and Japanese,Esperanto from English. so, when I study English or French the site will change automatically the standard language to Arabic.while if I study Japanese or Esperanto the site will change it to English.

So all you have to do is change the language you're learning

Reply8 months ago