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Swedish Children's TV

I came across this website and lots of fun simple videos that can help you with your Swedish!


Enjoy :)!

At the moment I am really enjoying the green dragon thing.


November 3, 2017



Dessa är fantastiska, tack så mycket!


Thank you for it!


Tack, det är bra!!!!


Ahyes, Bolibompadraken, he is funky :D

Hmm, I found Pippi Långstrump, ie Pippi Longstocking there, but seems the tv series of Alla Barn i Bullerbyn is no longer even on Öppet Arkiv [Open Archive, that SVT also hosts] but did have some bits where Astrid herself reads from a book.

! Please note: one has to be in Sweden to access things there though (or simply use titles to search for them elsewhere), for instance all in the Barn / Children category.. https://www.oppetarkiv.se/etikett/genre/Barn/

Otherwise, this is also a nice series: Vi på Saltkråkan https://www.oppetarkiv.se/etikett/titel/Vi_p%C3%A5_Saltkr%C3%A5kan/


Thank you sooo much! Vi på Saltkråkan was one of my favorite series as a child. I am really looking forward to trying it in Swedish!


ooh they have Kenny Starfighter on there! it was my favorite show when i was a kid! it is very weird but it might be fun to watch even as someone a bit older, so i would definitely recomend watching it. :p


hehe, let's not forget Björnes magasin, another classic :)

Ohoh, interview with Astrid from 1962 about Alla Barn i Bullerbyn here (now there's a transcription challenge for those that want to practice that):



Thank you, this is great! (I love it that I can add subtitles to the videos, if i want to) I'm on that website right now, I clicked on the "Biss och Kajs" series and I'm getting a small culture shock :D


Bolibompa actually turns 30 this year! I grew up watching it, and now my son has just started to. :)


I was not really enjoying the children's shows but I found a slapstick comedy show that liked better. I don't know all the words, but it is pretty easy to understand with context. https://www.svtplay.se/uti-bogda Hope you like it, and that it helps :)

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