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Leveled up: Level 23 German

I now have 337 days in my streak. I reached Level 23 today. Duo is showing my "fluency" at 66%. The words total is at 2,651, and I have 22,503 XPs.

I finished the tree on September 7th, at level 22 and 19,006 XPs. I do feel I have made progress over the past couple of months. I even started doing the reverse tree during this time, although I have neglected that for the past week as I focused on reaching this next level.

I find myself thinking about German during my everyday activities, and have started considering getting an online tutor with whom I could practice speaking and grow my vocabulary.

( I did not have the confidence to write this post auf deutsch."

November 3, 2017



Fluency at 66% ? Level 23 ? You really should try to write it in German. To use a foreign language takes more than a lot of learning, it takes a bit of bravery as well. Try it, you can only learn from it. If it is not perfect then, hey, we're all learning here, right??

Anyway, gute Arbeit, weiter so!


Vielen dank! Ja, wir sind alle hier zu lernen.


"You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din." Congrats!!! Enjoy a Lingot.


You're just ahead of me. Well done.


Very impressive! Keep up the great work. 66% is an amazing achievement. Well done :-) :-)


Congratulations! Do you know the maximum fluency Duolingo will display?


I am sorry, I do not. I had thought it was 60%, but that is obviously incorrect.


Congrats! Keep up the good work! How long have you been doing Duolingo?


Thank you. I started Duolingo just short of a year ago. I had about a 10 or 12 day streak going, missed one day, then started the current streak.


You must be my missing twin! I reached Level 23 two days ago, and I am also at 66% fluency. And, yes, I didn't have the confidence to write in Deutsch either. (I have just had my first German tutor lesson via Skype through a site called preply.com. I just want to get a little assurance before heading out to German groups in my city.) I love learning German - and will also take up Russian when I reach level 25.) Best wishes on your journey.


Geschwistern aus eine anderen Mutter? Ich mag es! Ich mag deine Bestimmung.

Siblings from a different mother? Ha! I like it. Congratulations! I like your determination.

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The last two levels require a lot of work - 3 000 and 4 500 XP respectively. But when you reach level 25 (30 000 XP) do a Google search for 'Level 25 Hall of Fame'


Danke. Ich werde das machen.


Yeah a 337 day streak is big. I have a 97 day streak


Viel erfolg mit dein Lernen.

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