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"I am getting married to her sister."

Translation:Beru si její sestru.

November 3, 2017



I can't see any logic between bràt si and bràt se, each form is translated by "getting married". With french dictionaries, it's worst :) Any light about that ?

Edit : light was given by a friend
brat si : the subject is yourself or another person, like Katerina si bere XXX
brat se : the subject is the couple, like Katerina a Matej se berou
Feel free to correct/precise if I am saying bad things.


You were enlightened the right way.


Earlier I this course, we learned four verbs that want genetive: ptát se (ask for), bát se (be afraid of), brát si (to get marry/to marry sb) and vážit si (to respect). Why do we have suddenly an accusative noun case here, "sestru" while the verb (brát si) should want genetive? Am I missing something (I guess I am :-[ ) ? Thanks for the help!


There were only 3 words in that "New verbs" - table that need genitive. And beneath it was "Beru si ho. (I'm marrying him.) [Accusative object, forms similar to žere from the Animals skill.]"


At the time the question was asked, there was an error in that table with regard to brát si, which has since been corrected. See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27319129, if interested.


Why is 'Beru si ji sestru' incorrect?


Why should it be correct? There is no form of její, that would look like that, see https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/jej%C3%AD#Declension (the same holds for jeho).

If you explain why you think it should be correct, we can clear your confusion, but without that it is really hard to say anything.


Why is it not sestry? Why is "sestra" accusative?


But you do need the accusative (sestru) here, as the direct object of the verb. If it helps, you can use a fairly literal understanding of the sentence as "I am taking (to myself) her sister."


Why not "Ja berou si jeji sestru?"


Probably because "si" is not on the second place


Also, "já beru", not berou.


why does "já si její sestru beru" not work?


I have added it. It stresses beru.

I AM marrying her sister.
I am MARRYING her sister.

I feel that even in this case (I AM) it is more natural to keep the neutral word order and just stress it when pronouncing. The same way as in English. Já si BERU její sestru.


cant you use vdavat se?


If you are a woman marrying another woman you probably could say "Vdávám se za její sestru." (and it is accepted). It does not work for men, they say "Žením se s její sestrou.".

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