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Duolingo Is Amazing!

[deactivated user]

    Duolingo teaches you so much!

    November 3, 2017



    It really is! I'm actually learning (which didn't really happen when I was doing my language through books)!


    May I ask what the point of this discussion is? Do you want people to agree with you? I think that duo is fabulous, too, but why a discussion on it?


    yes i don't think we would be here if we didn't agree that duolingo is a good learning program... not much point in a forum about it is there?


    Snows not amazing


    Yes, quite a great service and the Spanish course seems to be a very thought through and elaborated one! Wouldn't expect less for the language such as Spanish let alone English! Cheers!


    yess i didnt think i'd like it that much when i first tried the app

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