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Links not opening in a new tab

On the forum, when there are links to the duolingo.com domain, cmd+click doesn't open it in a new tab. This is very annoying and the workaround is cumbersome (click the link, copy the url, click back, open a new tab, paste the url there and open it), is there a better/easier workaround for this?

I'm using Safari 6.1.3

April 6, 2014



i'm running IE - using a right click and choosing open in new tab, or open in new window usually work for me-- if safari has a comparable function, try that.....


That's cmd+click, which isn't working for links to the duolingo.com domain, it is working for links to all other domains.


there have been lots of posts from people being unable to use cmd+click to open duolingo links- some places it works and some places it doesn't. the complaint I've seen the most often is when someone is doing a lesson and tried to use the cmd+click and it does not work......but other ways of opening the links often still work when it doesn't....which is why I suggested you try the right-click option instead of cmd+click which is not working for you.


Ah opening the menu works (there is no such thing as right-click on a MacBook). ;) Thanks Margolf!

This improves the situation a little bit, this workaround is only half as annoying as the one I used before, but it's still lousy website design…it's rubbish if standard features/shortcuts like cmd+click don't work.

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