Hallo! (I don't have the confidence to write this auf Deutsch so I will write in english)

I'm only a few lessons away from finishing my German tree- and after that I would like to increase my german vocabulary and fluency (currently I'm, on what DL claims, at a 64% fluency), so my question is, would you like to maybe link some Zeitungen online or maybe recommend some other free sites to learn german. Also, if you have a good movie where they speak german, please comment that too. I'm looking forward to finish my german tree after four months.

Auf Wiedersehen! / Jasmin Enkurs-Hufnagel

November 3, 2017


Thank you so much! I'll give you a lingot.

The Hammer Grammar series on YouTube, taught by a university professor, is very helpful:

Thank you! A lingot given.
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Das ist eine gro├čartige Seite. Ist das Rammstein in der Hintergrundmusik?

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    Rewatch series (or movies) you already finished but in German.

    Ich lerne deutsch!

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