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"Heute Morgen war die letzte Lieferung."

Translation:This morning was the last delivery.

March 14, 2013



@Native english speakers If I say 'Today morning was the last delivery', will it sound wrong in English?

Thanks in advance :)


Yes, this sounds wrong.

This morning is a much better translation.


I'm a brit and it sounds off to me... Surely "The last delivery was this morning." is better?


Is "This morning was the last delivery" (the given English sentence) correct? For me it doesn't follow the SVO order, but maybe you can say that anyway! :)


Yes, it's a perfectly natural-sounding English sentence to my (native English speaker) ears. In fact, that's exactly how I translated it when presented with the German.


As spoken English, it's the type of thing that people would say - it sounds fine. I wouldn't recommend it as written English, though - 'The last delivery was this morning' reads much better.


This morning was the final delivery is surely correct, no?


"Final delivery" indicates there will be no more, ever.

"Last delivery" leaves open the possibility that there will be another (the "next delivery").


I'm wondering if this should be taken as the final delivery or as the most recent one.


Sadly, German is word-poor here. "The final delivery was this morning", "The latest delivery was this morning" and "The last delivery was this morning" are all "Heute Morgen war die letzte Lieferung".


But wouldn't "Die endgültige Delieferung . . ." make it more clear that we're speaking of the last-ever delivery?


I think,

"The last/final delivery was this morning" is correct & sounds more good.

BUT when we say: This morning was the last/final delivery". We emphasize on "This morning".


Genau. Your analysis and interpretation of the two alternatives is exactly right.

Because you appear to be learning English as well, I offer this observation: use "better" instead of "more good." Similarly, "best" instead of "most good", "worse" instead of "more bad", and "worst" instead of "most bad". There may be some other English comparatives/superlatives with irregular form, but I can't think of them of the top of my head.


Any reason why "Today in the morning was the last shipment" should not be accepted?


"This morning was the last shipment" was accepted. So, any problem with the expression "Today in the morning"?


Same concept, but not as simple/direct as "this morning", which demonstrates that you understand diese as "this".

So, you're correct, but for the purposes of this course, you shouldn't expect die Eule to include that. No more than "During the first hours of the current day the shipment after which there will be no others occurred."


This morning delivery was the last. I can t see why this is wrong

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