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Should I learn German in Spanish, or English?

Hi, my native languages are Spanish and English (mostly Spanish), and I want to learn German because for me it is an interesting language. I would love to start this course on Duolingo, but the thing is that I do not know if I should learn it on Spanish or English.

Please help me, I want to be fluent in German!

November 3, 2017



Not that I am advocating learning it in English, but German shares a higher lexical similarity with english both being germanic languages. On the other hand, me knowing Spanish grammar better explicitly than English grammar has affected my choices to learn other languages. I also just like Spanish better, so learning new languages from it is something I prefer.


Both of them. Maybe first from English, then from Spanish, :)


I have tried doing this with French from Spanish and Portuguese (though now I am primarily doing it from Portuguese). There are some advantages to this: different course vocab, different perspectives on learning the language, more facility changing between each of them, and the possibility of reinforcing both.


Even though it seems most natural to learn from Spanish, consider doing it from English to German, at least at first. The English-based courses on Duo tend to be well-traveled. A history of many active users means many basic confusions and errors have already been corrected or clarified. It also means that there are a ton of useful discussions with each item. When you don't quite understand something, there's a good chance your question has already been asked and answered very fully by a native speaker or an advanced student.

Good luck and good learning, whichever route you choose!


If you are more fluent in Spanish then I would do it in Spanish.


Most people think Spanish, but if you're less fluent in English it may be good to do it that way for more practice.


I did both trees, and I recommend learning it from English. The Ger from En tree is longer and more detailed.


Learn it in the language you are the most fluent and comfortable in. Currently I'm learning German from the English and it's not so bad. Guten Tag!


Which language are you better at, Spanish or English? Because whichever one if worse, then you should do it in that language for practice.

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