"I have a salad with oil, vinegar and salt."

Translation:Eu am o salată cu ulei, oțet și sare.

November 3, 2017

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that's not a salad - that's the liquid/dressing you put on a salad. The important thing is the contents of the salad. Salata de bouef, for example, is potatoes, carrots, peas, and ham (or other meat) with a lot of mayonnaise. Salata cu rosie is tomatoes and cucumbers (and possibly other things) with oil. Salata de varza is with cabbage. Etc..etc..


I believe salată means lettuce in this context.


Hurm.. my girlfriend just told me that the word "salata" by itself means green salad (lettuce).

Obviously I misunderstood the sentence somewhat 7 months ago. In any case she also said that for one of the other kinds of salata, it is a phrase that describes what's in the salata, such as salata de varza which is grated cabbage with oil/vinegar/etc.


replying to myself - what was I thinking? Obviously "salad with x,y,z" means the x,y,z is part of the overall salad.

As for salata in Romania, that is a many splendored wonderful thing with a variety of possibilities. And, oil/vinegar/salt is a frequently used portion.


I thought you always had to use the definitive after cu? i.e., cu uleiul, oțelul, și sarea


for cu it's implied


Lenka, who is Oțet do you like?


That's not a saladă. You should at least add piper. While you're at it, ai putea adăuga și niște muștar, apoi niște condimente, și atunci va fi perfect.

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