"Noi mâncăm merele voastre."

Translation:We eat your apples.

November 3, 2017

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I would have thought it should read. We ate your apples,otherwise we would be. Eating your apples


I think "We are eating your apples" would be accepted. I have found both the simple present and the present progressive in English are usually both marked correct as translations of the Romanian present.

I do wish Duolingo would use the present progressive more in its examples, though, as it would often be the preferred form in English.


glaudys and rockyroo21 -This is all as opposed to "the present emphatic", which uses the "to do" form. E.g., "We do eat your apples." Let us "do" see if it is accepted. . . .


If we regularly eat apples from your tree then "We eat your apples" is the correct form.

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