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Can I search or use the Duolingo dictionary somehow?

I just noticed this week that the discussion pages for exercises let you click on words to show them in a dictionary view, at least on the web.

Is this dictionary accessible from somewhere else where I could at least find a list of words? It would be nice to search, too, but even just seeing a list would be helpful to double check my understanding of a particular word, since sometimes the hover over translations seem to change slightly.

I found these pieces of the dictionary in the Korean course on the web.

November 3, 2017



Not that I know of.


not really sure what you mean... this maybe? https://www.duolingo.com/words


that just returns a 404


If you click More Details while in Words, then you can often see the same content, although presented as a modal dialog. Verbs seem to be the same, for example (or at least the ones I have checked are).


I don't think so. You can only find words related to it underneath.


I don't think you can no


All the words shown in the exercises are placed there by the contributors and moderators of the course to illustrate the correct translation of that particular sentence. There is no one dictionary used. Over time additional words may be added and this is often at the suggestion of a learner.

You might like to ask the creators of your course to recommend dictionaries for your use. My experience has been, however, that a dictionary is not necessary to do the Duo course since each word is annotated by the course team.

Sometimes, because dictionaries might give a variety of definitions for each word it can cause confusion whereas what is shown in the course is specific to that situation. So, if you get a dictionary use it with caution and consult the moderators of your course to be sure of what is needed in each sentence.

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