"Kde ses naučila tak dobře řídit?"

Translation:Where did you learn to drive so well?

November 3, 2017

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Is "ses" short for "se jsi"?


Close. It's "jsi se" (because of word order rules.)


Why not: where have you learnt to drive so well


This does not look like a sentence for the present perfect tense. We are asking where something in the past happened.


That was my initial thought, too, and it feels somewhat better. But then I found the "have" versions among the alts, and didn't see your comment until after I'd posted. I don't think they're awful, but I don't think they're ideal, either. if you feel those versions are too far off, I will remove them.


I am not really in the position to judge this.


The EN natives on the team agree that the "have learned" versions really aren't good translations in this context. I have removed them.


But, have you seen this ? I think the trend is extreme. It is similar for the "learnt" now.


@AgnusOinas 😊 Yes, it may be so. There is also a difference between America and Britain. Britain uses the present perfect tense a little more than America here.

Short link (without spaces):

[Your Text](https://books.google.com.....)

Btw: I also finally understood, why it is not suitable. It is not the matter we are asking about. Thank You So Much!


How would you say, "Where did you learn how to drive so well?"


The same. In some sentences you can use the more literal equivalent "jak řídit": "Kde ses naučila jak řídit auto?", but it is better without the "jak".


Does your question mean "Where did you learn to drive a car?" Does the "tak" imply "so well"?


The question does mean that.

tak - so

jak - how

dobře - well

tak dobře - so well


Is this a proper construction: Kde ses naučila jak řídit tak dobře?


No, it sounds really strange. Just skip the jak.


This is only suitable for some (slightly unexpected) activities. From the least suitable:

"Kde ses naučila, jak řídit auto?"

"Kde ses naučil, jak vařit kachnu?"

"Kde ses naučil, jak ve visual basic implementovat knihovny médií?"

Without ", jak", it is fine too, but that unexpectedness disappears. The first sentence can be used e.g. if we ask a child, the third (complicated) is a bit better with ", jak".

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