XP Contest

I am holding an XP contest! The first one to get to 300xp wins. I would like to thank Duolingo for letting me do this and everyone who donated! You will have till 2:00pm tomorrow to sign up then the competition starts! The rules are listed below.

Rules: 1. Everyone must speak nicely. 2. Everyone must respect one another 3. Have Fun!

The 1st place winner will earn 75 lingots. The 2nd Place winner will earn 15 lingots and the 3rd will earn 10 lingots. Whenever you get to 300xp comment below. Also some of you might get confused with this so here is an example. You have 455xp right now then the competition STARTS. So now you have to get to 555xp. Do you see what I mean? If you have questions about this please comment below.Thanks! All of the names will be listed below. If you have any questions please comment! Have fun!

Con testers:













1st Place Winner: FishingDude1

Second Place Winner: cwpotter

November 3, 2017


I recommend not letting people "test out" of lessons. Otherwise, it's not about encouraging them to study. It's about them challenging a language they already know enough of to swoop in and snag the prize before people who are still trying to study hard to learn a language they aren't familiar with.

What time zone at 2:00? I mean when does it start? What time zone?

Hi, please may I join? Thanks x

I've reached 300XP!

Hello Eva! I was wondering if I could join the contest. It sounds really fun and I would love to do it!My first question was when does the contest end?

Whenever the first person hits 300xp. Thanks for asking! I will put you on the list!

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