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"Každý týden prodávala svou krev."

Translation:She sold her blood every week.

November 3, 2017



perhaps it was to vampires


Do Czechs sell their blood instead of donating it? :o


No. There are 300,000 donors (out of 10 million population) donating for free and one Swiss company paying for plasma for needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


"She used to sell her blood every week."? - not possible?


why not "She sold her blood each week" of "Each week she sold her blood"


Options containing "each week" added.


To me 'each week' has a much more perfective feel. I much prefer 'Every week' , which just goes on forever.


Is prodávat imperfect? And prodat is perfect? How would she was selling her blood every week be written? I am starting to have a glimer of understanding with perfect & imperfect verbs. (I hope)


Correct. It would be the same as this one. "She was selling her blood every week." is accepted as a correct answer here.


Good, that's a relief. I remembered it as imperfect and I used it that way so there most have been some other mistake in my sentence. Thanks!


I really don't get this section. What's the difference between 'prodala' and 'prodávala'?


You really should read the Tips and notes about verb aspect. You can add any additional material of your choice, you can find loads by a simple web search

prodala - sold, the selling process was finished
prodávala - she was selling, either she was selling it for some time or she used to sell it repeatedly

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