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Feature suggestion: "Quick start" button

I would like to see a single button I can click to start learning, instead of having to select a specific category or lesson. Especially when I've been away from Duolingo for days or weeks, and then I want to pick it up again, I honestly don't know where best to devote my learning effort. It would be nice to have a single button to click, and Duolingo could figure out what I should study next (based on my most common errors, recent things I've studied, and what I should learn next).

November 3, 2017



Two things:

A: Strengthen skills button

B: please refrain from posting the same thing twice


Install the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" and you know where you can start.

If you use the "Tree trimmer" user script, you could e.g only blend in 0-1 strength (unfinished) skills and continue with new lessons...or strengthen the ones with only 1-2 bar strengths.

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