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Improving Efficiency in Listening to Numbers

So I've been learning Spanish for over a year now and I am confident in knowing all the numbers. The only problem is that when I hear someone say a number it takes a few seconds for me to process what they are saying and by the time I've finished working out what number they said they're already half way into their next sentence. Does anyone have any advice to help me out with this?

November 3, 2017



I learnt my numbers and pronouncing the letters of the alphabet by reading number plates out loud. I then taped me saying them - it certainly worked. I can understand both at least 90% of the time.


Practice, practice and more practice! I'm not good at numbers either. I count things in my target language whenever I can. In particular, whenever I go up or down steps I count them in my target language. At the shop, I calculate the change (yes, I still use cash) in my target language. After a while, the use of numbers becomes automatic and then the listening becomes easier.


I've been thinking about participating in the Hispanic group in my retirement community, in part because they play bingo weekly and that seems like a good way to practice numbers. Perhaps you could check and see whether there is a group offering Spanish-language bingo near you?


Maybe you could write down what they are saying and look at it after they are done talking


I think the only think would be to listen to more stuff, the more listening practise you have then the quicker your comprehension will be. You could also ignore the number and focus on what they are saying then ask them to repeat the number back to you afterwards.

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