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Weekly Progress report XP

How is it that you can be leading your club, by doing more than you sign up for but when you get your progress report you have done ZERO. look below. I find it frustrating that I do extra work but never get any acknowledgement of it by Duolingo ( yourselves). What is the reason this happens? Why bother sending it if it isn't going to be accurate? This Week
0 XP

Last Week
0 XP

2 weeks ago
130 XP

November 4, 2017


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GrahamRodgers, this doesn't make sense to me. Now warning, I use the website version of Duo; XP just records how many sections of an exercise you have done. All sections are 10 XP. Some topics have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 sections that I have seen. Most exercises, not by any means all, seem to have 5 or 6 sections . You have to go through an ENTIRE section to get the 10 XP or it doesn't count for any XP's.

I don't know anything about clubs, I believe that is only in the apps. So I can't help you if that has an entirely different set of rules.


slamRN, Well that can't be right either, because I didn't complete 13 exercises in one week and nothing in another. I always assumed that it was over and above your learning rate i.e. I have set a mark of 3 lessons/sections per day, I generally do about 10 exercises per day. So if I am correct I should be getting around 70 XP per day. One of my other issues is you can never seem to find an address to send a complaint query to? Anything I have tried to put on the duolingo facebook site, goes into the "ether" where it is being reviewed pending posting. I never see or hear from anyone about my query.

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