"The cats eat bread."

Translation:As gatas comem pão.

March 14, 2013

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Same here, no matter the choice (os gatos or as gatas) it comes with an error


Hi...if you read the question ..it asks to select ALL answers ..meaning more than one


So I asked one of my Brazilian friends about this gato/gata thing, and she told me that you would always use 'gato' to talk about a cat, even if you know it is a female cat. (According to her 'gata' is a "nice" - i.e. not creepy/sexist - word for a woman you think is attractive - but you wouldn't use it to talk about an actual cat)

Obviously duolingo doesn't agree with this. Is duo right or is my friend right? Or is it some kind of regional thing and 'gata' can be used (to talk about cats not people) in some parts of Brazil/elsewhere in the Portuguese speaking world but not in others? (My friend is from São Paulo)


Well, everything taken as a general group is referred to in the masculine gender.

  • Os cachorros estão correndo (here, we do not know whether they are all male dogs).

However, if you know it is a female cat, then you will use "gata".


This one repeatedly gives an error. It doesn't matter if I should Os gatos... or As gatas... both come in as incorrect.


If you are presented with both options, both should be marked as they're both correct. The instructions are mark ALL the correct answers, after all


For me it has to be gatas, even though either way would be correct.


Are Os and As used for plural nouns?


Yes. "Os" is used for masculine, plural nouns, and "As" is used for feminine, plural nouns. They both mean "The".


Today (8 December 2019) it's accepting Os gatos as correct but the hints combine os gatas


In the "Mark all that apply" section, one answer is in the present progressive, a tense I haven't learned on here yet. Why did this appear? And why was I faulted for it?


maybe a foreseen of will be considered later. It might be easier 4 u to learn when u get to that point. This sentence is simple present, not continuous, so this is the why it was marked wrong.


What about if I wanted to say the cats eat bread, but not all the cats were the same gender. Is as gatas referring to the fact that the cats are all female cats or is it just the way of saying the cats, doesn't matter the gender but the article and the subject just have to agree. Is that it?


When the group is all female, use it in the feminine form. And if it is all male, use in the masculine form. Now, if you have female+male, also use the masculine form. Os gatos = all male cats or male+female cats.

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