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Learning Routines

Bonjour! So I have been off Duolingo for a bit, and am trying to get back into doing it and wondered if anyone else has a ‘routine’ or specific way they practice and could give me (and others may find it useful) some advice on how they do it. Merci beaucoup!

November 4, 2017



I have a specific time of day when I do my language practice. I always practice in the morning as soon as I wake up. I drink my coffee and learn a langauge. That way I never miss a day.

When I was part way through my tree, I would review two skills and then I would do something new. My tree wasn't completely gold, but it was enough for me to remember the material. I found that doing the review first was helpful for getting my mind ready for the language and that made it easier to do the new material.


Ok thanks, that sounds like it could work! I’ll try that as well!


Really what I do is just find a time to do it during the day. So I don't exactly have a routine but I manage to learn a lot.


Do you give yourself a specific time or do you just do it whenever you have the chance?


Hm. Well study right before you go to bed if you can. It helps you remember words better if you do :)


Ok that makes sense, I’ll have to try that! Thanks!


Also have just realised I posted almost the same thing twice, really sorry that wasn’t meant to happen. I thought the other one didn’t post as my phone crashed and it didn’t appear at first, so I redid it and posted again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


What you could do is just find a time whenever you can during the day. I mostly just do it at home when I have nothing to do.

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