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Why is the Haitian Creole course not on main language selection page?

It shows up in the incubator, but there is no page for it in the selecting languages page with a percentage like for other languages not yet released (such as, Hindi or Klingon).

November 4, 2017



It probably has not gotten far enough in progress to start advertising on the course page that it's coming soon. Same with Yiddish.


Maybe because it does not have a monument yet.


That would be rather unlikely, as other languages without very famous monuments simply used a national thing. For example, compared to the Eiffel Tower or St. Peter's Basilica have you ever heard of the Swedish City Hall or a Czech tower?

This sight could be used.


However I still appreciate your reply and the other one!


I think what he means is that they didn't make a graphic with the momentum yet and won't display it until they do, which is probably also tied to the progress the coursemakers have made.


That makes much more sense if so, thank you.

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