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  5. "Why do you want to do it?"

"Why do you want to do it?"

Translation:Proč to chceš dělat?

November 4, 2017



Is "Proč chceš to dělat?" not acceptable? It told me it was incorrect but I don't see why.


the second position rule for "to"


I'm confused...I thought the verb or the reflexive se/si had to come in the second position.


What about "Proč to dělat chceš"?


It is very strange. It focuses on the chceš. It does not make much sense.

In: Proč to dělat chceš a ne nechceš? it is also strange but at least makes some sense.


Please help me out here, because I can't seem to find a sastifying answer to my question. Wordorder: do adverbs and a word like "it" have a set place in a sentence structure?


It is always good to start with the Tips and notes provided. You can also start with https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920/Ordering-the-Czech-clitics-Introduction-2019-04-18 but this is a bit more advanced.

Certain words must be in the "second position" but please read the resources for more.


I couldn't find anything about word order in the tips that go with the lessons (maybe I've not reached that lesson yet...) but thanks to your link I understand it a whole lot more now. Thanks!

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