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"Discursul candidatului cu ocazia alegerilor."

Translation:The candidate's speech on the occasion of the elections.

November 4, 2017



Does the use of 'cu' here, mean that the speech is about the occasion of the elections rather than a speech that is given on the day of the elctions, in which case 'pe' would be used instead?


Yes the use of 'cu' here, mean that the speech is on the occasion of the elections. For a speech that is given on the day of the elections we would use "din ziua alegerilor"


Mulțumesc foarte mult!


Hi, first of all, thanks for all your really useful tips. But I'm a little confused by the phrase "about the occasion of the elections". Do you mean about when the elections will take place?. As far as I'm aware we only use "occasion" in this context in the expression "on the occasion of", which means "at the time of" (but not specifically "on the day of"). But it's a formal expression, used in such contexts as:
"On the occasion of your retirement, we'd like to present you with this gold watch"

I'm wondering if a better translation here wouldn't be "at the time of the elections".



You are right, "about the occasion" isn't a good expression. I edited my post to "on the occasion". The sense in Romanian is that the event (elections) gives someone the opportunity to present his speech (without the event there would be no speech). It might not be in the same day. I would not translate by "at the time of" but I let English natives to decide :-)


Hi thanks (and to be fair to you, it wasn't originally your expression). In that case, "on the occasion of" works fine. But I"ve just come across this one:

Where we'd probably put it a different way - "She opens the school for voting/when there's voting", or something similar. :)


I will write a comment there. You are right in what could be the (most common) sense, but that phrase is weird in Romanian and I'm not sure what could be the right message from someone who says that :-D


Ehy not - the speech of the candidate on the ocsion ...


Should be accepted...


It may be possible, but it's not what we'd usually say. When the "possessor" is a person we nearly always use the form with the apostrophe + "s". We'd normally only use "the speech of the candidate" in special (linguistic) contexts, for example when we want to add emphasis in comparisons. This was the first example of "the speech of the candidate" when I checked in Google:

"Unfortunately for me, the audience applauded the speech of the candidate far more enthusiastically than the speech of the Secretary of State"

It would be very rare to use it as a stand-alone subject, or in a stand-alone phrase like this one.



Why don't you use "alegerile" instead of "alegerilor"?


Because it's the genitive


The literal translation is "The speech of the candidate" so why is that not acceptable?

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