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Unequip Timed Practice? (website, not app)

I just bought the Timed Practice skill in the website's lingot store and I strongly dislike it. Is there a way to unequip it or could a moderator/admin un-buy it for me? I don't want to start a new account or erase this one's progress just to get rid of the skill.

I know it leaves the "practice without timer" button, but it still makes the timed practice the default so if I just hit spacebar it'll do the timed practice, instead I'll have to use my mouse to click "practice without timer" every single time. That's a minor annoyance but it adds up quickly, especially when you can otherwise do lessons continuously without taking your hands off the keyboard.

I really don't like how it doesn't let you finish the lesson if you don't beat the timer, but still seems to count as a full lesson even though it could be significantly less practice. Feels like I'm learning less by studying less yet earning significantly more XP. I've been using XP to gauge how much I've been studying per day but the timed practice is throwing that way off. The time spent per XP gained on the website vis the mobile app is huge and I can't consistently measure my progress now. Point is, please please please let me unequip the skill?

November 4, 2017
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